Attack of the 50ft Rory was a comic strip story published in Doctor Who The Official Annual 2012.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Responding to an intergalactic SOS, the Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams leave the TARDIS, to be pursued by a giant rat and a giant ant. They are temporarily held off by Amy armed with a fire extinguisher. Fleeing to a nearby building (the Hope Institute of Science), Rory is sent to distract the giants while the Doctor and Amy search for a Professor Finn, whose name happens to be on a door. They find him hiding under a desk.

It was the Professor who sent the SOS. The Institute was trying to feed the population with larger fruits and vegetables, using a machine found onboard a crashed spaceship, to supersize things. While the Doctor admits to a bit of meddling himself, it isn't without warning of the dangers. Elsewhere in the Institute, Rory has come across the machine and like a "typical bloke", plays with the buttons. The result is that Rory is supersized.

Picking Amy up, he seems unable to recognise or hear her. The Doctor shouts up to Amy that Rory's probably in a state of shock. He urges her to talk to him and remind him of who he is. She does this by talking about her imaginary friend when she was growing up and their adventures up to and including their honeymoon.

The Doctor, meanwhile, has returned to the spacecraft with the Professor, looking for something to reverse the effect. They find another crystal like that used in the machine, which the Professor dismissed as a spare. The Doctor applies the sonic screwdriver to the crystal. He recognises it as having been developed by a small warrior race from Dehliop Four, the Dehliops. They used it to make themselves bigger against the enemy. Because of the side-effects of the technology, the machines were banned.

The Doctor takes away the last remaining one to be destroyed. First, he offers to sort that nose of Rory's out first! Amy is happy with Rory just the way he is and Rory wonders what is wrong with his nose.

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  • The comic strip adventures that appeared in the Official Annuals were very much aimed at a young audience and the artwork and colours were bold and bright, reflecting the tone of the annual. The colours were slightly more pastel than in other comics.
  • The Annual strip stories were put together by the same team that prepared comic stories for the BBC's weekly title Doctor Who Adventures.

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