Atrios was a planet devastated by nuclear war with its neighbour Zeos and ruled by a monarchy represented by Princess Astra. The war effort was led by the Marshal of Atrios.

The third planet blocked a view of Zeos from Atrios and vice versa. The Doctor destroyed the Planet of Evil by rerouting missiles fired by the Marshal originally directed at Zeos. (TV: The Armageddon Factor)

Without the energy of the segment to keep her together, Astra's role as the sixth segment was passed on to Romana after the latter's regeneration. Astra began to unintentionally drain the life-force from her subject Atrions, causing the extinction of the Atrions. (AUDIO: The Chaos Pool)

In 2050, K9 Mark 2 absorbed the Hunger to prevent it from destroying Earth. He planned to evacuate the swarm the next time he was on Atrios because, as he explained, the planet had no carbon-based lifeforms. (TV: Black Hunger)

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