Asun was a Viridian and the spouse of Adric in an aborted timeline. (AUDIO: A Full Life)

Biography Edit

As a teenager, Asun fell into a river and drowned. Her grandfather, Tivorg, became obsessed with bringing her back to life. After taking her body from her grave, and experimenting on it for some time, he succeeded.

After this machine was destroyed by the Fourth Doctor and Romana II, killing them in the process, Adric was left on Veridis. After years of doing nothing, Adric met Asun at a market and the two began dating. After some time Asun married Adric. They had two children: Neegat and Varsh.

After their children grew up, Asun and Adric began travelling the world together helping people. After Asun contracted a terminal illness, Asun told Adric to find someone to live with after she died. He did this, and later married Reebac.

However, years later Adric began having dreams about the Master destroying N-Space. He constructed a time machine, feeling that history had gone wrong. He reverted the Doctor and Romana's death, and left with them, erasing Adric's life with Asun. (AUDIO: A Full Life)

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