Asteroid belt

A spacecraft passes through an asteroid belt in the 51st century. (TV: The Invisible Enemy)

An asteroid belt or asteroid field was the region of a star system that was occupied by asteroids.

Sol[edit | edit source]

The solar system's asteroid belt was located between Mars and Jupiter, formerly the orbit of Planet 5. (TV: Image of the Fendahl) During the Great Breakout of 5000, many frontiersmen and pioneers were concentrated in the asteroid belt while waiting to spread out in the Galaxy. (TV: The Invisible Enemy)

Others[edit | edit source]

The Aristotle, a hospital ship of the Combined Galactic Resistance, hid from the Daleks within an asteroid belt. (TV: Into the Dalek)

The Hesperus, a salvage ship operated by the Vinvocci, trawled through asteroid fields for junk. (TV: The End of Time)

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