Asmuth was a Time Lord soldier in the Time War.

Biography Edit

When the War Doctor confronted Rassilon about time distortions on Estragil and resurrecting soldiers, Asmuth was assigned by Rassilon to accompany the Doctor to investigate and destroy the cause of the time distortions. Four versions of Asmuth accompanied the Doctor. As the four versions attended by the name "Asmuth", the Doctor gave each version a nickname: Blue, Green, Pretty Boy and Phyllis.

As they faced the Daleks and the Reapers, the different versions of Asmuth progressively started to be defeated. The first one to die was Blue, hit by a Dalek. Later, Pretty Boy was also hit by another Dalek and died. The Doctor, Green and Phyllis continued exploring the ruins of Estragil. Shortly after that, Phyllis and Green were both shot, and died. (NOTVALID: Bigger on the Inside)

Appearance Edit

Asmuth wore common Time Lord soldiers clothes. However, each version of Asmuth had a slightly different appearance. Blue had dark skin and wore a blue variant of the Time Lord soldier's armour. Green had dark skin and wore a green variant of the Time Lord soldier's armour. Pretty Boy also had dark skin, but wore the standard red armour. Phyllis had white skin and also wore a red armour. All Asmuths carried a gun. (NOTVALID: Bigger on the Inside)

Behind the scenes Edit

Asmuth was the first character original to Doctor Who: Legacy.