Ashman was the leader of the Rocket Men. He led the invasion of Platform Five above Jobis. When the First Doctor helped the scientist to resist the invasion he asked for his fellow travellers in order to stop the Doctor. After Barbara Wright and Vicki Pallister admitted to knowing the Doctor he chucked Barbara off the platform. He wanted to steal the jewels from Jobis' sky for profit. He was killed whilst chasing Ian Chesterton who was saving Barbara. (AUDIO: The Rocket Men)

Following his death, more than a dozen groups of his fellow Rocket Men began to fight for control of his territories. (AUDIO: Return of the Rocket Men)

Ian Chesterton described Ashman as "tall, and large, somewhere in his mid-forties, the sort of man you'd describe as bearlike when he was out of earshot." (AUDIO: The Rocket Men)

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