Ashley Way (born 16 December 1971[1]) is a television director who has worked principally for BBC Wales.

He began his association with the "Whoniverse" during the second series of Doctor Who. The Cardiff native was responsible for most of the live-action content for Doctor Who's official website, including Attack of the Graske and all of the Tardisodes. He moved from short-form Doctor Who into Torchwood, where colleague Andy Goddard and he were that program's most prolific directors. He is responsible for filming many of the program's key emotional scenes, including the finales of the first two series, the introduction of John Hart, the real Captain Jack, the wedding of Gwen and Rhys and the Torchwood debut of Martha Jones.

He has had a particularly long association with Torchwood star Eve Myles, having directed her in episodes of her other major series, Belonging. A Wales-only series, Belonging has used both of their talents during the seasonal breaks from Torchwood. While Myles has been the star of that show since its inaugural 2000 season, Way began directing Belonging in 2005.

In 2010, he made his directorial debut in the parent programme with The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood. He also directed two episodes of the Sarah Jane Adventures, including Death of the Doctor, Matt Smith's single guest appearance as the Eleventh Doctor.

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