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Ashenden was a new town on the Sussex coast.


The airstrip included a tracking station and a number of hangars which remained in place following the construction of the new town, apparently to honour the airmen of World War II. A suggestion box welcomed suggestions for what could be done with them.

Ashenden had identical accommodation for five-thousand people and a town square where a town hall and a cottage hospital were located. There were no places of worship and the sewage capacity of size of the hospital were insufficient for the number of people who would be living there. (AUDIO: Ashenden)



During the Second World War, an airstrip was built at Ashenden. The tracking station was used in the 1950s by Professor Sidney Ornadel and Isla Satterthwaite to watch the skies for Russian signals, during which they came across the eels' signal in deep space and decided to solve its puzzles to achieve fame.

Torchwood One became aware of Professor Ornadel and Miss Satterthwaite's unsanctioned extraterrestrial communications, leading Lizbeth Hayhoe and Norton Folgate to pay a visit and investigate. However, Lizbeth did not shut down the operations and instead had them continue so that they could find out what the aliens wanted, learning that they wanted to "correct" humanity with the Ashenden Formula. Professor Ornadel brought in the Department of New Towns and the construction of a town called Ashenden began. (AUDIO: Ashenden)

The town[]

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