Ash Madai

Ash Madai was the Special Interrogator for the Fifth Axis during their occupation of the Braxiatel Collection. According to Joseph's research, he was King of the Demons.

Rumours said that he could uncover all of a person's secrets just by looking in his eyes.

Mushtaq Anson had Ash Madai brought to the Collection to interrogate Irving Braxiatel. He took a tour of the Collection, stopping to talk to people on the way, always affecting them in some way. He made Mister Crofton smile and Jason Kane cry.

When he interrogated Braxiatel, he didn't ask anything Anson wanted. Instead, he wanted a ring that he claimed was rightfully his. He didn't have any leverage to use on Braxiatel, but he knew that Bernice Summerfield would find the ring.

He threatened Benny that he would tell Anson her son was alive if she didn't hand over the ring. She did so, and he left the Collection. (PROSE: Midrash)

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