Princess Ash was the daughter of King Allanite and Queen Amethyst of Tollund.

As a child Ash had a fear of the dark, and would creep into her parents' bedroom at night and sleep between them.

Later in life Ash, along with her father and her kingdom, was tricked into believing that her mother was a traitor. After her father remarried Xenotime, the witch doctor who had convinced them of Queen Amethyst's deception, she was stripped of her title as princess and sentenced to slave labour in the peat tunnels.

At some point she fell in love with the prince from the neighbouring kingdom of Lindow and devised a plan to arrive to her step-mother's royal ball in disguise, marry Zircon, and regain her rule of Tollund. However, her plan was foiled when she was forced to reveal her leg to the guests, which also exposed a pair of diamond heels that were made for Queen Amethyst shortly before her execution.

With the help of the Tenth Doctor, Ash learned from Professor Lanthanum the true use of her mother's shoes: a weapon with the ability to destroy Xenotime's bog warriors. She used them in the middle of the village to expose Xenotime's witchcraft as a fraud and reclaim her right to the throne.

After taking back her kingdom Ash announced that she would not execute Xenotime, Terbium, and Erbium, but instead sentence them to the same fate to which they had subjected her. (PROSE: The Bog Warrior)

Appearance Edit

Ash had cocoa-coloured skin and a toned midriff and torso. The Tenth Doctor estimated her to be in her early-twenties and found her to be the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. (PROSE: The Bog Warrior)

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