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Ascension was the third and final story in the sixth series of Gallifrey and the twenty-fourth story over all.

Publisher's summary[]

Gallifrey Rises...

Romana's sacrifice sees Gallifrey restored to its former glory, but at a terrible cost.

As the Time Lords begin to reclaim their stronghold, Leela and Narvin find themselves trapped in a decaying reality... and only K9 can help them.

As old friends fight to reunite, new threats lie in wait...

Because Braxiatel was right: war is coming.


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  • Valyes is still the Lord Chancellor of Gallifrey.
  • Lord President Matthias ordered that all those infected with the Dogma Virus be quarantined in time-locked facilities. This led to another civil war After his orders were carried out, Matthias resigned and went into self-imposed exile in the Wastelands.
  • Coordinator Tallan is the archivist of the Matrix.
  • While in the Axis, K9 catalogued 1,000 different alternative versions of Gallifrey.
  • Narvin and Leela are trapped inside the Matrix. Tallan was a construct created by K9 as he could not project an image of himself into the Matrix as he did not have biodata on file in the Matrix's records. He created the Tallan avatar in the image of a Time Lord who died decades earlier in the proper timeline but who was still alive in one of the alternative timelines which they visited.
  • In actuality, Lady Trey is a projection of a future Romana created by the Matrix. She gives Leela a message to deliver to Romana: "When the time is right, she'll know we will meet again."
  • The Matrix projection, including Lady Trey, was created by a future version of Romana.
  • The Dogma Virus was created by the Daleks.
  • K9's blaster ray has an accuracy of 98%.
  • The CIA Tower is the safest place on Gallifrey.
  • The Dalek Supreme accompanied the invasion force to Gallifrey.


  • This audio drama marks the first appearance of the actual planet of Gallifrey in the proper timeline on the series since AUDIO: Panacea in August 2006.
  • This audio drama marks the first appearance of K9 on the series since AUDIO: Forever in March 2011.
  • Valyes is sent to meet the Fourth Doctor and inform him the Time Lords have foreseen a time where the Daleks would threaten the universe, which is a trick by Narvin. However, A Device of Death shows the Time Lords monitoring the changes to history around Skaro, meaning their messenger Ferain (PROSE: Lungbarrow) was genuine.


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