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Ascendance is a Radio Times comic story featuring the Eighth Doctor, Stacy Townsend and Ssard.


The Eighth Doctor's companion Stacy and their Ice Warrior friend Ssard are being held captive by Artix, an Ice Lord. The Doctor and Prince Izaxyrl rescue Stacy and Ssard. Uzoxx's wife Luass is in league with Artix and tries to have the Doctor unjustly arrested for a murder. Artix confesses their plans and Luass is killed by Uzoxx. Ssard joins the crew of the TARDIS.



  • Luass has frills on the sides of her face and humanoid hands.
  • The Doctor mentions the "Famous Five," including Byron, Ransome, and Price.
  • Phosphorescence is worth a fortune in liquid form.
  • The Doctor misquotes "They're sludge in them thar 'ills" and calls Izaxyrl "Kemo Sabe."
  • He refers to the "Dungeon-Master's keep" and mentions Enid Blyton.
  • Family and money are important to Martians.
  • Izaxyrl uses the Sword of Tuburr.
  • Stacy calls Luass the "The Wicked Witch of the West."
  • Luass's family is the Royal Family of Darsus Mons.
  • Izaxyrl being granted his ascendancy is the Martian equivalent of Christmas.
  • Stacy still wants to go home.
  • The Doctor admits that sometimes they have something like Christmas on Gallifrey.


  • The Ice Warriors first appeared in TV: The Ice Warriors.
  • The comic ends with the same lines as did "The Feast of Steven": "A merry Christmas to all of you at home." This time, however, the lines are put into an in-universe context, as the Doctor is left thinking of "home".


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