Art Attack, also known as Chloe's World, was an online game based the Doctor Who episode Fear Her.

The game is played as the Tenth Doctor. He is trapped in a drawing and must connect the dots on three different levels to find the TARDIS.

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Controls Edit

To move the Doctor, the directional keys on the keyboard are necessary. The player can pause the game by pressing P or get help by pressing H.

Levels Edit

The first level contains eleven points to connect, the second thirteen and last fifteen. On the last level, the player has only thirty seconds for each point. The game displays drawings of the cat Ginger, Stuart and the TARDIS.

Continuity Edit

  • This game shows the Doctor's actions during the brief period of time he was trapped by the Isolus in Fear Her. The background music that plays during this game is also "Kookaburra".

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