Inspector Arnold Porter was a detective of the Metropolitan Police Service.

In 1840, Porter was assigned to the case of Spring-heeled Jack and spent many months tracking him across London. On one occasion, he was called to Covent Garden where Jack had been sighted. However, he escaped again. Porter berated Bates for scaring him off and then questioned the Eighth Doctor as he had reportedly caused a disturbance before Jack's arrival. However, Penny Chapman vouched for him. Arnold discussed Jack with the Doctor, promising him that he was a marked man.

Later, Arnold and Bates were walking together when the gaslights shattered and Pyrodines emerged. Bates was killed and Porter was forced to flee, urging others around him to do the same. He was saved, moments from being killed, when the Doctor destroyed the proto-morphic lifeform that created the Pyrodines. (COMIC: The Curious Tale of Spring-Heeled Jack)

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