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During the War in Heaven, the Army of One technique was a way to replicate soldiers' biodata used by the House Military to create the Cwejen and by Michael Brookhaven to create his House of the Seven Gables.

During the War, mass-production of soldiers through regular cloning was insufficient, since they were created with blank biodata profiles and were therefore left vulnerable to mass erasure by the enemy. To circumvent this problem, the House Military developed a plan to diffract the timeline of a single individual into a full strikeforce. They chose as their subject agent Christopher Rodonanté Cwej, re-engineering his relationship to history so that an army of Cwejen could be stably created in the 29th year of the War. Despite this being an unmitigated success, the House Military's later replication attempts were met with grisly failure.

The only other successful application of the Army of One concept was Michael Brookhaven's House of the Seven Gables. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

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