Armand Piper Destry was an actor.

In the 18th century Armand Piper Destry portrayed the vampire Lestat at the Theatre des Vampires in Paris. He also did a violin solo. This was part of the 5019 V is for Vampire Tour organised by Yesterways LTD which was a time travel agency that travelled with their guest to historical Events that were connected to vampires. (PROSE: Possum Kingdom)

Behind the scenes Edit

This was a reference to Anne Rice's vampire chronicles. Lestat was a vampire in Anne Rice's novels. The vampire Armand was also a fictional figure of Anne Rice. In the novels he worked as the leader of a vampire clan in the Theatre des Vampires in Paris. The vampires worked there as actors, who played vampires. The audience of their show thought that they were humans who played vampires.

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