Arianna Lago — sometimes credited as Ariana Lago — was a 2D artist in the visual effects department of the BBC Wales version of Doctor Who during series 3 and 4. When she was credited on initial transmission of these episodes, she was always credited as a 2D artist. However, she may have served as a digital compositor on some episodes for which she was either not credited or only credited on the DVD release.

She shared a prestigious Visual Effects Society award with Simon Wicker, Charlie Bennett and Tim Barter for their matte paintings on Silence in the Library. Their win was the first for the Doctor Who visual effects team after several failed nominations. Despite her VES win, however, Lago was not herself credited as a matte artist on Library, but as a 2D artist. Nevertheless, she shared in the award for best matte painting.[1]

Lago was also in the visual effects departments of the first series of both Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures, but her exact credit on initial transmission is currently unclear. IMDb credits her as being a digital compositor, but this is suspect, as they assigned her the same credit on Doctor Who, which never obtained on original transmission.

Somewhat unusually, Lago began her career on Torchwood and then moved to Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures. As of 2010, her credits outside the Doctor Who universe are some of the same ones shared by her fellow VES winners: 28 Weeks Later, Cracks and Skellig.

While working for Milk VFX, Lago served as an uncredited compositor on the Doctor Who television story Deep Breath.[2]

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