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{{Season 18 aliens}}
{{Season 18 aliens}}
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[[Category:Humanoid species]]
[[Category:Humanoid species]]
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[[Category:Mutter's Spiral species]]

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The Argolins are a race of humanoids from Argolis.


Argolins are humanoids with yellowish green skin and intricate green and yellow hair. Although they begin life with a more Human-like skin tone, they develop their distinctive hair at an early age.

After the war with the Foamasi, the Argolin were rendered sterile and had their metabolism modified. On the top of their heads, they have small horns covered in nodules. Most of their lives, Argolins have stable metabolism. These nodules fall off as the Argolin ages, with the last nodule signalling death. After this, the Argolin rapidly decays. (DW: The Leisure Hive)


The Argolins were brought together by Theron using force and warfare. He then tried to gain more territory and declared war on the Foamasi. The Foamasi bombed Argolis with nuclear weapons, ending the war in twenty minutes and devastated Argolis.

In the wake of the war, the Argolins turned towards recreation, especially with tachyons for regenerative processes. 20 years after the war had ended, they started to develop a method to create new Argolins. They combined the cells of the surviving Argolins and were eventually able to create a a new Argolin, Pangol. (DW: The Leisure Hive)

An individual who may have been an Argolin was seen at the Iceworld, which would suggest that the Argolin eventually found a way around their sterility. (DW: Dragonfire)
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