Ardethe was a planet in the constellation Kasterborous. It was the seventh in its ten planet system and was entirely covered in blue rocks. It had a great secret protected by the Knights of Jeneve, who would instead give hopeful travellers the coordinates of a mysterious planet where they had built a bobby-trapped replica of Emmanuel College in Cambridge. (PROSE: Deadfall)

The Mother and Father of the Shadow Spire saw campfires of "ritual and bone" hiding in Homeworld ruins on Ardethe. (PROSE: The Story So Far...)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Ardethe's three moons are named after the original members of Bananarama: (Keren) Woodward, (Sarah) Dallin and (Siobhan) Fahey.
  • In the AudioVisual Deadfall, where Ardethe was first introduced, it was Gallifrey after the Time Lords were destroyed by the Daleks. There are still hints of this in the novel. Christine Summerfield visited another destroyed version of Gallifrey in the later novel Dead Romance.
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