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Arcbeatle Press was a publishing imprint owned and operated by James Wylder. It was the publisher of the 10,000 Dawns series. Arcbeatle's 10,000 Dawns series crossed over with the Doctor Who universe in three of its stories: Rachel Survived, White Canvas, and The Gendar Conspiracy.

In 2020, it was granted the license to the P.R.O.B.E series and began producing new material, starting with the webcast Shadows of Doubt. Around the same time, the imprint also gained the rights to Chris Cwej, and published Collective Unconscious, the first release of Cwej: The Series.

In 2020, Arcbeatle also released Cyberon, and anthology which contained a novelisation of the 2001 BBV drama of the same name, as well as five original short stories featuring the title species.



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