The Arcateenian hearse was a spaceship used by the Arcateenians to ferry the dead.


20th centuryEdit

After their liberation and subsequent enslavement of Tivoli in the late 20th century, the Arcateenians provided a hearse to transport the body of the Fisher King. It was piloted by the Tivolian undertaker Albar Prentis, who was charged with burying him on "a barren, savage outpost" in accordance with Arcateenian custom. However, the Fisher King was not really dead, and burned markings into the wall. The Twelfth Doctor used a power core from the ship to break the nearby dam and flood the town, killing the Fisher King. (TV: Before the Flood)

22nd centuryEdit

In 2119, the spaceship was discovered by the scientists of the Drum, an underwater mining base. It had previously been buried by debris which the current moved around until it was visible again. The ship was brought into the Drum's hanger bay where all of the crewmembers saw the markings. This made them targets for the ghost transmitters created by the Fisher King. The first to fall was the captain Jonathan Moran after the ghost of Prentiss accidentally activated the ship's engines while going after Richard Pritchard. (TV: Under the Lake)

After the threat was defeated, the Twelfth Doctor stated that the hearse would be destroyed by UNIT to ensure that the writing wouldn't infect anyone else. (TV: Before the Flood)

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