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Rondel, known anciently as the Arc of Infinity, was an inter-galactic region of space devoid of all stellar activity. It was the former location of a collapsed Q star, possessed of great quantities of quad magnetism when the star burnt out. It served as the gateway to the dimensions. Omega utilised the Arc as his base, his anti-matter existence shielded by the quad magnetism.

Omega was able to eat a portion of fries that the Ergon had received from Dorothy McShane at a fast food restaurant once it had passed through the Arc of Infinity. (PROSE: Anti-Matter with Fries)

Amsterdam was located on the curve of the Arc when Omega shifted it, Amsterdam being below sea level to maintain pressure for fusion conversion. Using a fusion converter from Gallifrey, Omega planned to become matter again. The Arc later shifted again. (TV: Arc of Infinity)

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