April MacLean lived with her mother, Jackie MacLean, at a house in London. (TV: For Tonight We Might Die) In 2016, it was under major renovation. (TV: Brave-ish Heart)

Layout Edit

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Kitchen Edit

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April's room Edit

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History Edit

As April grew more influenced by Corakinus, due to his experiments to keep her heart in his body, Ram Singh offered to take her home. They ended up having sex in April's bedroom, before being caught by Jackie. Jackie was distrustful of Ram, due to the trauma she had been put through by her husband.

Huw MacLean returned as Ram left, and April attacked him with scimitars in the garden. She used her powers to cure Jackie's paralysis, and then used the scimitars to create a space-time rift leading to the Underneath where she would attempt to kill the King. (TV: Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart) Upon April's return home from the Underneath, Jackie stood up and started to walk. (TV: Brave-ish Heart)

Behind the scenes Edit

In a video uploaded to the Class website, Sophie Hopkins, who plays April, gives a tour of her room. She reveals that April enjoy arts and crafts, filling her room with craft supplies, buttons and trinkets. April also owns a sewing machine and a guitar.

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