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April was a month.

By year

In 1861 South Carolina passed a kind of "Declaration of Independence" from the United States, in many ways beginning the American Civil War. The war also ended in April 1865, with Abraham Lincoln giving a victorious speech at Richmond, Virginia in the early part of the month. Despite the Fifth Doctor saving him from assassination there, Lincoln would be killed by John Wilkes Booth that 14 April. Many ordinary citizens wrote letters throughout the month about Lincoln's fate, and about the future of the United States and the former Confederacy. Many letters, newspaper articles and diary entries were written by ordinary Americans — such as Will Johnson, Claire Bartlett, Hilary Makepeace and Kenneth Smith — during both of these fateful Aprils. Additionally, Paul LeVal was pressed into service in the Confederate Army, as were many southerners, during April 1861. (PROSE: Blood and Hope)

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