Appropriation was the third story of the third series of Big Finish's Gallifrey audio series. It was written by Paul Sutton.

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"Didn't take the temporal powers long to realise that Pandora's war was over and come here to start a new one."

In the wake of civil war, Gallifrey stands more vulnerable than at any time in its controversial history. The other temporal powers orbit the ancient Time Lord society, poised and ready to take power.

And then, as a terrifying legacy, the residual traces of the Pandora virus bring down the transduction barriers...

While Romana lies exhausted and powerless in the medical station, Lord Matthias fights desperately to negotiate a peace. But Gallifreyans are dying. Can Leela find K9? Is retribution about to be visited upon the oldest race in the universe for untold millennia of manipulation and interference?

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  • Ambassadors of the temporal powers come to Gallifrey include Phaidon (sometimes known as the Warpsmiths of Phaidon), Sunari and Nekkistan.
  • A Monan (sometimes known as the Monan Host) ship also orbits Gallifrey.

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  • Colin Baker reprises his role as Commander Maxil in an uncredited cameo appearance. This is the only time that he has played the character since the television story Arc of Infinity in 1983.

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