Aphra Behn

Aphra Behn (born Aphra Johnson, nicknamed Eff, codename Astrea) was a playwright and spy for the Service in the 17th century. Her number within the Service was 160.

As a child, she pledged herself to Larissa and dreamt of a far-away land with a a city she called "antic Jerusalem". When she grew older, she became a spy for Charles II in Antwerp before returning to England; her name in the Service was tarnished by this affair as well as her reputation as a spendthrift.

She did another spying job for Sir Samuel Morland, the husband of Aphra's lover Carola, that involved going to the Salomon House and listening to a new philosopher called the Majus. Despite disguising herself as an associate of Charles Babbage, she was captured by Nick Plainsong, bound, gagged, and thrown into a cell for hours before Larissa briefly appeared to ungag her and Nate Silver arrived to set her free. Assuming the lecture would be boring, she got drunk, passed out, and missed it; upon awaking, she was placed under arrest by Alex Bendo. However, with Larissa's help, she escaped and helped Silver flee from the Service. (PROSE: Newtons Sleep)

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