The ape-servant was an augmented anthropoid that served the Lizard Kings of Mondas. It was sent on a mission to travel through a cosmic cloud that appeared the same time a Cyberman had arrived to see if it was viable for the Lizard Kings to travel through and escape the rogue planet that threatened Mondas' sister world, Earth. The ape being came through the cloud and was fired at by missiles by the Cybermen on Mondas, in an era after Earth was no longer Mondas' sister world. The missiles missed the ape's pod, but the recoil injured it and damaged its vocal cords. Noticing the ape's race was suitable for cyber-conversion, the Cybermen decided to study the ape being through vivisection and sent a Cyber-Scout craft into the cloud to its world. The Cyberman inside the craft was the same Cyberman that inspired the Lizard Kings to send the ape-servant through the cosmic cloud in Mondas' past. (COMIC: The Prodigal Returns)

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