Anzor's TARDIS was the transport of the renegade Time Lord and old childhood enemy of the Doctor. Anzor used a Type 60 TARDIS. It was a later model than the Doctor's TARDIS, and Anzor used that superiority to lock the Doctor's TARDIS into orbit around Magnus.

The female inhabitants of Magnus wanted the TARDIS so they could go to war with their neighbours on Salvak, and while they gained entrance to Anzor's TARDIS, the Sixth Doctor managed to trick them and send Anzor's TARDIS back into the past slowly.

The interior of the TARDIS was messy, covered with sombre clothing. (PROSE: Mission to Magnus)

According to Anzor, his Type 60 TARDIS had failsafe and security mechanisms. It would recognise Anzor's touch, and there was a switch which would shut everything down. Anzor referred to his ship as a "T-60." (AUDIO: Mission to Magnus)

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