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Anya Kingdom was a member of the Space Security Service who posed as a police officer called "Ann Kelso" from 1970s Earth, and a companion of the Tenth Doctor.



Anya was born in the 41st century to Lena Kingdom, daughter of Merrick Kingdom, sister of Sara (AUDIO: The House of Kingdom) and David Kingdom (AUDIO: The Destroyers) and half-sister of Bret Vyon. (AUDIO: The House of Kingdom) Like everybody else on Earth, Anya had a psychic chip implanted into her neck, making her only see what Zaal, head of the Space Security Service, wanted her to see. (AUDIO: The Perfect Prisoners)

Early SSS career[]

As a child, Anya was inspired by the heroic image of Sara and Bret, (AUDIO: The House of Kingdom) the circumstances of the deaths of whom she was not aware, (AUDIO: The Lost) to join the SSS herself. After Lena was killed in a Dalek attack on the planet on which they lived, Anya learnt that the SSS Council, upon which her grandfather sat, had known of the impending attack and chosen to do nothing. As a result, she resented Merrick and refused to talk to him for years.

Anya volunteered for an SSS time travel experiment (AUDIO: The House of Kingdom) and was sent by Zaal to 1979 London, ostensibly to protect Trenix but actually to wait for the Sinestrans and to use their connections to track down and kill Zaal's rivals within the Syndicate. Anya was put under deep cover, being given the identity of "WPC Ann Kelso" as well as false memories. (AUDIO: The Perfect Prisoners)

As Ann Kelso[]

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On Earth, Ann lived in a flat in London and befriended Trenix, who was going by the name of "Tony Reynolds". She met the Fourth Doctor just before Spandrin and Hugo Blake attacked Reynolds Hardware and fled with him and an unconscious Trenix into the TARDIS. She took Trenix to her flat for his protection but, after he returned to his shop and she learnt that he was a Gesaurian, she was told by Scott Neilson to take him to the police station whilst Hugo was arrested.

The police station was attacked by Spandrin and the Sinestrans, one of whom she hurt with a Sinestran killrod. Once Spandrin was killed and the Doctor had taken the Sinestrans to a justice planet, Ann asked to see inside the TARDIS again and asked to help him investigate the intergalactic group that they knew the Sinestrans to have been working with. As he extended his offer, she threw the take-off switch, (AUDIO: The Sinestran Kill) subconsciously wanting to use the TARDIS to complete her mission to track down the Syndicate. (AUDIO: The Perfect Prisoners)

Along their travels, the Doctor and Anya tracked down the various members of the Syndicate; while the Doctor foiled their plans, Anya killed them, and covered up their murders as accidents. Ann's true identity was eventually revealed when she murdered one of them, Trantis, right in front of the Doctor. The Doctor determined that Zaal, the head of the SSS and Anya's superior, was really Earth's representative in the Syndicate, and had sent Anya to use the Doctor to eliminate his associates so that he could take power himself. The Doctor also gathered that Anya was being brainwashed, and after some effort, the Doctor was able to convince her too. He then helped her break her conditioning in time to trick Zaal into a confession, while K9 converted the signs of every psychic projector so that everyone could be released from Zaal's control. (AUDIO: The Perfect Prisoners)

Return to the SSS[]

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Although Zaal's control over her was broken, the Doctor declined Anya's request to continue travelling with him, as he had genuinely liked Ann Kelso and found it hard to look at Anya as anything more than the reason Ann wasn't there any more. Despite her regret, Anya accepted his decision and decided to focus on the new task of rebuilding civilisation after Zaal's illusions had been removed. (AUDIO: The Perfect Prisoners)

Anya joined the Anti-Dalek Force of SSS. When the agent android Mark Seven came back from a mission showing signs of a possible manipulation, Anya was secretly sent to observe him on Exxilon. She followed him when he went to explore a nearby discharge of energy, and they watched together from afar as the Doctor and Leela were taken prisoners by her colleagues. Anya used her position to get the TARDIS on board the spaceship leaving Exxilon, then orchestrated the events so that the Doctor could take a look at Mark and discover how the Daleks manipulated his mind. All that time, she managed to avoid being seen by the Doctor, in order not to cause damages to the timeline. When the Daleks attacked, Anya was severely injured, but Mark saved her life fighting against the Daleks’ programming. (AUDIO: The Dalek Protocol)

Reunited with the Doctor[]

Anya took part of an expedition to the planet Mira, where SSS agents were supposed to investigate about a spaceship crash. Her real mission was to find Mark, who was keeping an eye on George Sheldrake’s new invention, the time tunnel, soon to be launched. She stumbled upon the Tenth Doctor, transported into this time with no TARDIS; with his help, she retrieved Mark and managed to escape the Visians. Back on Earth, Anya, the Doctor and Mark started investigating on Sheldrake, and they found out that he used a Gallifreyan time capacitor to build his machine. She and Mark went to inform their superiors and ask for a warrant, but they came back when the Doctor was hit by a mysterious assassin, and saw him regenerate. (AUDIO: Buying Time)

That was actually a ruse from the Nun, who pretended to be a new incarnation of the Doctor and had Anya use her security clearances to lead her to Sheldrake’s machine. The more Anya went nearer to it, the more she experienced time shifts, where she saw and heard the Doctor forgiving her and asking her to trust him. Once the Nun recovered her time capacitor, she abandoned Anya to die as the time tunnel collapsed, and still pretending to be the Doctor, she told her he never forgave her. Anya, however, was able to understand that the Doctor had been communicating with her trough the time shifts, and went back into the tunnel’s control centre, just in time to help the real Doctor avoid the collapse of the Time Vortex. Afterwards she and Mark accompanied the Doctor to the time machine once used for the witness protection program and then said goodbye to him as he prepared to leave for his own time, with him confirming he did forgive her for what had happened to Ann Kelso. As he was about to depart a Dalek attacked them via the machine’s time bubble and destroyed the machine, stranding the Doctor in her time. (AUDIO: The Wrong Woman)

Sending the Doctor home[]

Anya and Mark set off with the Doctor to track down a missing scientist, Arborecc, who had invented the time machine used for witness protection. They stopped at a spaceport and were caught in a pirate attack, fleeing in an escape pod. The pod was retrieved and brought to Neptune where Anya was reunited with her grandfather. Though she was still angry with him, the Doctor persuaded her to give him a chance. When the trio found out that Merrick and Abigail Crane had been experimenting on Varga plants to make weapons out of their venom, which the “pirates” had actually been demonstrating in the attack they’d been caught in, Merrick defended her granddaughter’s life against Abigail. Abigail forced them all into a flier and dumped the Doctor and Mark in the path of Mechonoids clearing the landscape, sparing Anya as Merrick had asked. As they left, Anya and Abigail fought resulting in the flier crashing and Merrick accidentally being shot with a Varga venom gun. He managed to keep control of its urge to kill long enough for Anya to save herself, thus partially redeeming himself in her eyes. Anya was rescued from the crash site by Mechonoids that the Doctor had reprogrammed.

She, the Doctor and Mark departed Neptune in a spaceship however Mark fell under an outside influence and cut off the oxygen to render Anya and the Doctor unconscious. (AUDIO: The House of Kingdom)


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The Fourth Doctor described Ann Kelso as practical and open-minded, both things which he found impressive. She kept her sense of humour whilst under pressure. (AUDIO: The Sinestran Kill)

Behind the scenes[]

The character of Ann/Anya was written specifically for Jane Slavin due to her extensive work on The Fourth Doctor Adventures and her close friendship with Tom Baker.[1]