The Anubian spacecraft was a type of ship used by the Anubians to conquer other planets. One of the planets it landed on was Earth. It was pyramid-shaped and brownish yellow or black in colour. It could be manned by a single person. Typically, one would be equipped with a cloaking device, which made this ship invisible, and with a flamethrower. The Anubians wore blue ankhs on their chests. If this ankh was taken, it could be used to control the vessel.

The Anubians used them to make false proposals of peace. They mainly used them to attack other races such as the Sea Devils, the Jixen, the Alpha Centaurans, the Aeolians and the Mandrels.

Nehetka and Geb used one to travel to Earth and attempt an invasion, but Darius Pike was able to take an Ankh from Geb and control the ship. When K9 Mark 2 defeated the Anubians, Darius left the ship cloaked above London. (TV: Curse of Anubis)

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