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Antranak was a general in the palace guards in the Egyptian royal court at the time of Pharaohs Amenhotep II and Erimem.

Antranak's wife died in childbirth, and the child was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around its neck. Antranak was considering taking his own life when a two-year-old Erimem saw he was upset and hugged him. He saw her as a daughter ever since.

When Erimem was a child, Antranak used to bound around her bed-chamber on all fours, bellowing like an animal to entertain her. (PROSE: The Coming of the Queen)

Unlike Horemshep he had no issue with the kingdom passing to the female Erimem, whom he had helped raise in her father's court. The personal relationship he shared with the would-be queen was a good one, made solid by mutual implicit trust. Erimem considered him a mentor, and noted that he was largely responsible for her defensive skills — particularly archery. He was very close to Erimem and essentially functioned as her first minister in many respects. His high position in court engendered jealousy and rivalry on the part of Horemshep.

Naturally wary of undue influence on his queen, he was at first suspicious of her quick friendship with the Fifth Doctor and Peri. He generally would not carry out their requests unless ordered to do so by Erimem. Despite his reservations, however, he was never discourteous to his pharaoh's new friends, but insisted on their discreet and covert surveillance.

In the military conflict with Horemshep's army, he was proud of Erimem's decision to lead her troops into battle, just as her father would have done. Though her forces seemed to hold their own against Horemshep's, Erimem was unprepared for Horemshep himself to sneak behind the lines to personally attack Antranak. For a brief time, Erimem thought him dead, but did not have time to mourn her old friend properly. Instead, she and Horemshep were drawn into the Atlantean "Hall of Records" beneath the Great Sphinx. There, while the Fifth Doctor and Erimem fought to drive the stasis box entity out of Peri's mind, a distracted Horemshep was caught off guard by a revived Antranak. Erimem ordered Antranak to have Horemshep carried back to Thebes in chains to await proper trial.

Despite their close relationship, Erimem did not apparently say goodbye to her old mentor when she decided to abandon her claim to the Egyptian throne. However, Antranak never considered that she had abdicated. Because he saw her dematerialise into thin air he believed that she was actually a god, as all true pharaohs of Egypt were believed to be. (AUDIO: The Eye of the Scorpion)

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