Reverend Antonio Finlay Ph.D was a Catholic priest who taught at St Francis Xavier University. Imogen Tantry studied under Finlay.

Along with Tantry and Luke Duke, Finlay came to the First Colonial University of Murigen's vampire convention in June 2609. Finlay gave a talk on the spiritual ontology of vampires. He was bitten by the vampiric Mal'akh Olena and converted into a vampire. Finlay became torn between his new urges and his want to do the work of God.

Finlay amassed with Olena's other newly created vampires by Murigen's quantum gateways. Bernice Summerfield, Imogen Tantry, and Lloyd Doihara used the gateways to create channels to the suns of Murigen, causing all the vampires to be burned by the light. In his final moments, Finlay turned against Olena and - after using his overwhelming faith in God to stun her - grabbed onto her and jumped through a gateway, sending them both into a sun. (PROSE: Predating the Predators)

In the City of the Saved, Finlay continued his association with the Catholic Church by serving the Conclave of All Popes. Finlay researched every other human who was turned into a vampire on Murigen and learned that most had reverted to as they were before being bitten by Olena.

In AF 291, Finlay attended a masked ball held by Allisheer St Marx on behalf of Pope Beatrix II, formerly known as Imogen Tantry. He approached Krisztina-Judit Németh and suggested an alliance between the Sons of Tepes and the Conclave of All Popes in the coming war. (PROSE: Unification Theory)

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