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The Anti-Dalek Force, often abbreviated to just A.D.F., was a military and scientific organisation authorised by the United Planets to find ways of defeating the Daleks.


The precise time period and area of space in which they operated was unknown, but it ran operations far beyond the solar system, to locations at least as remote as the Twelve Galaxy. (COMIC: The Human Bombs) Thus, it existed during a period when humans had colonies well beyond Earth, and even beyond Earth's own galaxy, (COMIC: Island of Horror) and considered "all citizens of the galaxy", or even "all lifekind", to fall within its purview, not just human beings. (PROSE: The New Dalek Paradigm) Nevertheless, the organisation was headquartered on Earth. (COMIC: Island of Horror)

Three of its primary agents were its leader, Space Major Joel Shaw, and his seconds in command, the android Mark Seven and the Martian Reb Shavron. (PROSE: Terror Task Force et al.)

The A.D.F. also maintained VidFiles and InfoFiles about various subjects connected to the Daleks. Some of them were classified as public while others, such as the InfoFile on the Doctor, were "for A.D.F. eyes only". (PROSE: The New Dalek Paradigm)


The founding members of the A.D.F. were Joel Shaw, Reb Shavron and Mark Seven. (PROSE: Terror Task Force) Other members included Gil Tranter, (PROSE: Nightmare) Ral Shannon, (PROSE: The Castaway) Ross, Ian Crayford, (PROSE: Assassination Squad) Himlein Shtock, Ulla Vax, (PROSE: Special Report) Clive Simons (COMIC: The Human Bombs) and Faith. (AUDIO: The Uncertain Shore)


The Force fought the Daleks at a front of the Last Great Time War. A Dalek agent came to Florana to find the Anti-Dalek Force leader. (AUDIO: The Uncertain Shore)

The Anti-Dalek Force was still active after the rise of the New Dalek Paradigm. They documented the 21st century Dalek invasion of Earth in a Public InfoFile entitled The Stolen Earth. After the rise of the Paradigm, they investigated its origins and compiled information about the new Dalek variants exhibited by the Paradigm Dalek. Under an ethos of "Know your enemy", they distributed a pamphlet on the subject across the galaxy. (PROSE: The New Dalek Paradigm)