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Anthony Brian Williams was the adoptive American son of Rory and Amy Williams, and thus the adoptive brother of River Song (Melody Pond) and brother-in-law of the Doctor.

He was adopted as an infant in 1946, by British expatriates Rory and Amy Williams who reared him in the environs of New York City.

He was made aware that his parents travelled through time, and was charged with delivering a letter to his paternal grandfather Brian Williams a week after his parents' final departure from Great Britain and their home era, explaining why they never returned after the Year of the Slow Invasion. He brought with him family photo albums and other mementos to show Brian. When all was revealed, Brian welcomed Anthony with a warm embrace. (NOTVALID: P.S.)

Behind the scenes

  • Because writer Chris Chibnall admitted in a tweet that P.S. was meant to be a DVD extra, but was cancelled due to actor unavailability, this wiki considers the scene "unfinished" and therefore an invalid source.
  • Amazon's About the Author section on their Summer Falls and Other Stories listing refers to Amy as "liv[ing] in New York with her husband Rory and their young son, Anthony."
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