Anthony Read (21 April 1935-21 November 2015[1]) was script editor on Doctor Who during part of the tenure of Graham Williams as producer in 1978. He wrote the story The Horns of Nimon by himself and also collaborated with Williams on the script of The Invasion of Time, under the shared pseudonym of David Agnew, after the original script, Killers of the Dark, proved unworkable.

Together with Don Houghton, he co-wrote the fifth Sapphire & Steel television story, known informally as Dr McDee Must Die. In 1979, he contributed the scripts for the episodes Powers of Darkness and Out of Body, Out of Mind to the paranormal thriller series The Omega Factor.

In 2003, Read paid tribute to the late Williams by becoming involved in an unofficial audio adaptation of Williams' unproduced serial The Nightmare Fair. Intended as a fund-raiser, the CD raised money for a charity called Sense which Read chose; Read also wrote a liner note paying tribute to Williams.

In January 2014, Read was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a type of cancer, and he died nearly two years later on 21 November 2015.

In 2016, Doctor Who Magazine issue 496 ran a 5-page feature on him, in tribute to the late writer.

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