Anthony Marvelle was a poet who allied with the Dog Pirates to open the ringpull and steal dark magic from the Obverse. When speaking, he had a tendency to murmur incomprehensibly.

Marvelle was an "elegant, angular man" with "flowing golden locks". Simon considered him to be attractive "for an older bloke". Marvelle wore a variety of expensive and custom suits. He used lemon and verbena cologne.

Kelly first met Anthony at a poetry writing seminar. Shortly afterwards he stole the Objet D'Oom from her bookshop. After stealing the Blithe Pinking Shears from Iris Wildthyme's office he caused havoc by ripping holes in time and space with his Poodle Missy. He kidnapped Jenny Winterleaf and left he in charge of the Objet D'Oom at the Hotel Miramar, whilst he went to vandalise the Celestial Omnibus. After obtaining Iris's diaries, he kidnapped Kelly, knowing she was the key to the Ringpull and took her, Missy and Jenny to Valcea. He found the doors to Hyspero and dragged Kelly through them. (PROSE: Enter Wildthyme)

On Hyspero he went to Iris' base before being taken to the Scarlet Empress. He wanted to bring the Objet D'Oom to her as he knew that it contained Euphemia who had the knowledge to open the Ringpull. He later dropped the jar which killed Euphemia and would later destroy the Empress' ancestry. (PROSE: Wildthyme Beyond!)

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