Anthony Chambers (1942-1984) was a close family friend of Paul and Janine Brown, who resided in Fell's Point, Baltimore, Maryland in the United States of America. Their daughter Peri Brown viewed him as a second father.

Anthony had two children: Kathy, Peri's best friend, and Nate, who nearly dated Peri. The Chambers family remained close to the Browns, even after Paul's death in 1979 and Janine's subsequent remarriage to Howard Foster.

In 1982, not long before his fortieth birthday, Anthony found a Cyberman conversion pod that had fallen through time and space to land in the Baltimore cemetery where he worked. He stumbled across the injured Cyber-Leader, who implanted an ear disc in him that would control him.

Anthony died in September 1984, so suddenly and unexpectedly that a local vagrant, Daniel Woods, was suspected of his murder. He was buried on 24 September 1984. The wake was held at Janine's home. (AUDIO: The Reaping)

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