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Another Man's Shoes was the third audio story in God Among Us 2.

Publisher's summary[]

Yvonne wakes up in Andy's body - and both have difficult days ahead of them.

Meanwhile, Norton's making himself very much at home in Tyler's body, much to Tyler's alarm, and Ng is worried she knows what's going on.

Someone's playing a terrible trick on Torchwood. But who will win?


At six o'clock in the morning, Ng is awoken by a scream from Tyler's room and finds that his body has been switched with Norton's. She calls Yvonne, who has switched bodies with Andy, and Mr Colchester, who has switched with Jack. Whilst Norton heads out into Cardiff and Tyler chases him, Yvonne decides to go to Andy's performance review. Jack tries to tell Colin about the body swap but, upon realising that it is Colin's birthday, he decides not to.

Andy arrives at the Hub and Ng tells him to make tea. Tyler follows Norton to a menswear shop and have sex in the changing rooms. Yvonne meets Mrs Davenport, who is not impressed by her excessive preparation for the meeting. Jack takes Colin to a number of rooftops before feeding ducks in the rain, although he forgot bread. He receives a text from Antonio's about a reservation. Tyler and Norton are walked in on by Jay, whom Norton invites to have sex with him.

Yvonne, who is smoking a cigar, is called by Andy before stabbing Mrs Davenport with liquid retcon. Ng hears the jingle of an ice cream van, a message from God, and leaves the Hub. Yvonne tries to make her second meeting with Mrs Davenport go well, but she is unimpressed by the lack of effort that she has put into preparing, prompting Yvonne to retcon her again.

Jack takes Colin to Antonio's but a waiter tells him that there is no reservation under the name "Colchester". Jack attempts to threaten and guilt the waiter, who finds that the reservation is instead under Colin's name. Tyler calls the Hub and speaks to Andy, who calls his phone to find Norton having sex. Andy is called by Roy, who wants to meet with Yvonne at Bide-a-Wee Care Home on Cathedral Road, and Yvonne has her third meeting with Mrs Davenport and is told that she is too sure of herself. She retcons her for a final time. In the restaurant toilets, Jack finds Mr Colchester and convinces him to let him carry on with the pretence for Colin's birthday. Mr Colchester texts Jack his itinerary.

Tyler finds Norton and berates him for his sexual antics. Norton invites Jay around and proposes to him. Ng finds God in an ice cream van. Andy arrives at the care home and learns of the Evolved technology and of Yvonne's true allegiance to the Committee. God tells Ng that she was behind the body swap and that it was a test for Torchwood. Yvonne has her meeting with Mrs Davenport a fourth time and admits her shortcomings, which turns out to be just what was needed. Jay rejects Norton's proposal and Tyler comforts him at a bar. Ng refuses to pass judgement on Torchwood and Mr Colchester finds her alone in the van. They switch of the Evolved tech.

Jack and Colin return home, having used Rift corridors to visit other worlds when the body swap is undone. Mr Colchester is pleased to hear that Colin had a good birthday. Tyler and Norton decide to be friends and Norton wishes Jay a happy life. Andy confronts Yvonne about her association with the Committee but she refuses to answer his questions, resulting in him storming out. He bumps into God in the street and repeats his mother's saying of the world ending the day that one stops believing that it will stop raining. God ruminates on this.




  • Andy's mention of Fiona rather than Felicity implies either an error or a change in Prime Minister.
  • At the beginning of Yvonne's second meeting, Mrs Davenport says that she belonged to the Independent Bureau for Police Conduct.


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