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Another Girl, Another Planet is the fifteenth Virgin Bernice Summerfield New Adventures novel. It is the first novel to not feature "The New Adventures" and "NA" titling and logo on the cover. It is also the first novel to feature new font and titling and computer-aided design on the cover.

Publisher's summary[]

"I'm being stalked. I'm sure of it now. I'm frightened, and I need a friend."

Lizbeth Fugard is an archaeologist working on a backwater rock of a world. She's bankrolled by a government she despises, and has recently split up with her partner. And, just when she thinks life can't get any worse, someone starts following her — keeping to the shadows, but always there. Watching. Waiting. Eyes boring into her soul. The most beguiling eyes she has ever seen — and the most terrifying.

All she can think of is to call on the help of her old friend Professor Bernice Summerfield, and Bernice is only too happy to get away from her own work and see a bit more of the galaxy.

But on arrival she is soon immersed in sabotage, political secrets, gun-running, and an age-old love affair that ended in disaster and disgrace. To end a cycle of violence and hate, Bernice and Lizbeth must discover the truth — but doing so could have implications far beyond this obscure world.

Chapter titles[]

  • [Start]
  • Track 1: Coded Messages, Poison Letters
  • Track 2: Fragments from a Lover's Discourse
  • Track 3: No More 'I Love You's
  • Track 4: An Archaeologist in the House of Love
  • Track 5: Love Is: 'I Gave You Everything!'
  • Track 6: La Folie
  • Track 7: Song to the Siren
  • Track 8: Let Me Watch You Make Love
  • Track 9: In Praise of Tears
  • Track 10: It's a Wonderful Life
  • Track 11: Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
  • Track 12: You Always Hurt the One You Love
  • [Finish]


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Individuals by profession[]

  • Lizbeth Fugard is an archaeologist who specialises in recent industry. She becomes a professor at Youkali University.


Theories and concepts[]

  • The Jauza adapted morphic field technology for a variety of military applications.


  • This débuts the new cover layout which dispenses with the New Adventures layout and logo. The cover is more "computer illustrated" than before. The title is in a new font which is carried through for the rest of the novels. The NA logo is retained on the spine. The "New Adventures" word branding — which had previously been used on the cover — was retained for the inside title page.


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