Annihilation was the third story of the fourth series of Big Finish's Gallifrey audio series. It was written by Gary Russell and Scott Handcock.

Publisher's summary

Gallifrey dies...

Romana and her comrades find themselves in the dank and grubby wastelands of northern Gallifrey, trapped between two forces in a long and ancient war.

One side bides their time within their nests, whilst the other draws up troops across the trenches. Both sides have their secrets, their means to win the war – and both want Romana fighting alongside them…

After millennia of warfare, the final assault approaches. The Ancient Enemy and the True Lords want this world. And before this night is out, there will be bloodshed.


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Alternative Gallifrey



Information concerns alternative Gallifrey.
  • The True Lords are those under Magistrix Borusa's command and are not vampires.
  • Transduction barriers controlled by the vampires prevent sunlight from touching Gallifrey.
  • Lord Prydon mentions the Houses of Heartshaven and Lungbarrow.
  • The founders of the True Lord Society are Omega, Theta and Zagreus.
  • When predicting the future, Cassandra quotes the Gallifreyan nursery rhyme, which in the N-Space refers to Zagreus, instead in this Gallifrey the first lines are "Lord Prydon sits inside your head, Lord Prydon lives among the dead..."


  • This is the only audio drama in the fourth series of Gallifrey not to feature alternative versions of either Romana or Vansell.


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