Annie Forbes was the wife of Bernard Forbes and the mother of Kate Forbes.

She attended the funeral of her husband after he was killed in a car accident. After the funeral, she was approached by a strange-looking man, who told her that Bernard would live again.

Later, she was visited by the Third Doctor and Brigardier Lethbridge-Stewart, who wanted to ask her about Bernard's accident. She seemed confused by the question, then showed them that Bernard was still alive. He had been getting steadily worse for three weeks, slowly losing his mental abilities. She hoped the Doctor knew what was going on.

The Doctor later suggested to the Brigardier that Krashen was probably paid by Annie to change Bernard's history so he wouldn't die in the accident. When Krashen faded away and his time machine was destroyed, the Doctor visited Annie to check on Bernard. She told him that he had vanished. (PROSE: Honest Living)

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