Anne Chaplet was a young Huguenot servant girl in the household of the Cardinal of Lorraine in Paris in 1572. On 19 August of that year, she overheard part of a conversation regarding a conspiracy against the Huguenots and fled in terror. Steven Taylor helped her escape from the Abbot of Amboise's men. She took shelter in Admiral Gaspard de Coligny's household. She was grateful for Steven's aid and helped him in trying to contact the Abbot, who Steven believed to be the First Doctor in disguise. When she met the real Doctor, he instructed her to return to her aunt's house and stay indoors.

When Steven learned the historical facts of the St Bartholomew's Day massacre on 24 August, he was very angry that the Doctor had left Anne to very probably die there. However, when he met Dodo Chaplet and learned of her surname and that she had a French grandfather, he took it to mean that perhaps Anne had survived after all and become Dodo's ancestor. (TV: The Massacre)

For a school project, Dodo researched her family tree and found evidence that she was descended from Huguenots who left France to escape persecution, suggesting that Steven's theory may have been correct. (PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy)

Whilst thinking about religious wars, the Doctor remembered Anne and her possible death. (AUDIO: The Bonfires of the Vanities)

Behind the scenes Edit

Steven's assumption is only possible if Anne married someone who shared her surname, if she had a male illegitimate child, or if one of her descendants chose to take a maternal name instead of a paternal one. Anne's actual fate remains unknown.

Originally, Anne was going to become the Doctor's new companion following the deaths of both Katarina and Sara Kingdom. However, as the writers wrote out Katarina due to her ignorance of modern concepts, they passed on the idea for the same reasons and Dodo was created instead.

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