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OncomingStorm12th proposes Anne (The Church and the Crown); User:Amorkuz proposes Anne, Queen of France by analogy with Edward IV of England, Athelstan of England, Anne of Cleves, Elizabeth of York, George, Duke of Clarence, John of England, Mary of Modena, Richard I of England, Rupert of the Rhine, William of Orange, etc.

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Queen Anne of France was the wife and consort of King Louis XIII.

The royal marriage was not especially happy. When Queen Anne met the Fifth Doctor, Peri Brown and Erimem in 1626, she had only recently concluded an affair with George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham. She was not pleased to see her husband's lecherous eye settle on Princess Erimem.

Still, the couple reconciled enough to have two sons, including the future Louis XIV.

Peri looked remarkably like Queen Anne, though Peri could not see the resemblance and thought that her royal double had a crooked nose. (AUDIO: The Church and the Crown)

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