The Annabelle was a cargo ship captained by Willie Mackay. His usual freight was weaponry, which he trafficked between France and Scotland during the Jacobite Rebellion. His partner, Trask, betrayed him to the English and seized control of the ship.

Trask planned to use the Annabelle to illegally transport captured Scottish rebels to Caribbean plantations as part of Grey's slave-trading ring.

The Second Doctor, Ben Jackson and Jamie McCrimmon were captured and put on board the vessel. After the Doctor escaped from the ship — by posing as the German physican "Doctor von Wer" — his priority became finding a way to stop the ship from sailing for the Caribbean.

With the Doctor's help, the prisoners rose up against their captors, and Mackay regained command of his ship, which he used to transport the former prisoners to safety in France. (TV: The Highlanders)

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