Annabella Primavera was an assistant to Professor Alexander Hugh. Her life on Earth was a fixed point in time.

In 1906, Hugh demonstrated a time machine he had built to Torchwood agents Robert Lewis and Eliza Cooper. The first trip was to Terron V, where they met the Tenth Doctor and Emily Winter. Before they could be returned to Earth, Primavera and Lewis were killed. As Primavera's continued existence was a fixed point, this could have severely damaged the Web of Time. The Doctor convinced Winter, whom he had rescued even though her death was a fixed point, to take over Primavera's life.

She did so, eventually changing her name to Annabelle Spring. Under this identity she set up United Actors in Hollywood and discovered Archie Maplin, leading to the events of her first adventure with the Doctor. (COMIC: Final Sacrifice)

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