Anna Marie Dimitru (née O'Grady) was the wife of Das Dimitru. She was unaware that her husband was a Neanderthal who was accidentally transported forward in time from 29,185 BC to Bromley in 2006, believing him to be from Romania.

She was not popular among her peers, who referred to her as "Big Fat Anna Marie No-Mates". However, Das believed that this was a term of reverence. He first met her outside a nightclub in London three weeks after his arrival in the 21st century. He was immediately attracted to her and described her as having "the fat of a good hunter and a lovely big nose, and even some hair on her cheeks and mouth". He claimed that she smelled of "sweat and the forest".

Das and Anna Marie soon began a relationship and, less than a week later, Das proposed to her and she accepted. He then met her parents and her sister. He described her mother as "another fine, fat woman". Anna Marie's father took Das aside and cried, telling him that he was worried that she would never meet a nice man and that he was glad that Das had come along. Das thought that her sister, who was already married, was hideous as she was "thin as a stick". Anna Marie wanted to have three children, whom Das planned to name after the Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler and Jack Harkness. She and Das were married in Bromley shortly afterwards. The Doctor, Rose and Jack all attended their wedding.

Anna Marie and Jack disliked each other. She used what Das described as "unfriendly words" to describe Jack and claimed that he dressed too young for his age while Jack claimed that Anna Marie had "a face that only a mother or Neanderthal could love".

Her favourite television series was a reality show and she often read celebrity magazines. (PROSE: Only Human)

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