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Ann Kelso was a human identity assumed by Space Security Service agent Anya Kingdom while under cover. As well as the fake identity, she was given false memories.


On Earth, Ann lived in a flat in London and befriended Trenix, who was going by the name of "Tony Reynolds". She met the Fourth Doctor just before Spandrin and Hugo Blake attacked Reynolds Hardware and fled with him and an unconscious Trenix into the TARDIS. She took Trenix to her flat for his protection but, after he returned to his shop and she learnt that he was a Gesaurian, she was told by Scott Neilson to take him to the police station whilst Hugo was arrested.

The police station was attacked by Spandrin and the Sinestrans, one of whom she hurt with a Sinestran killrod. Once Spandrin was killed and the Doctor had taken the Sinestrans to a justice planet, Ann asked to see inside the TARDIS again and asked to help him investigate the intergalactic group that they knew the Sinestrans to have been working with. As he extended his offer, she threw the take-off switch, (AUDIO: The Sinestran Kill) subconsciously wanting to use the TARDIS to complete her mission to track down the Syndicate. (AUDIO: The Perfect Prisoners)

Travels in the TARDIS[]

Ann and the Fourth Doctor encounter the Drashigs. (AUDIO: Planet of the Drashigs)

Ann was introduced to the newly-activated K9 Mark II as his new mistress and was promised a pleasant holiday on Numenor Minor by the Doctor. However, the TARDIS instead landed on DrashigWorld where they were attacked by Drashigs. Ann found herself caring for K9, being upset when he was damaged, and worked with Trencher to kill the Alpha Drashig and cause the others to retreat. (AUDIO: Planet of the Drashigs)

Attempting to visit a friend in the Victorian era, the Doctor and Ann found themselves tracking a sentient computer virus from the distant future that was attempting to ensure its own creation by manipulating Ada Lovelace, posing as the ghost of her father Lord Byron (AUDIO: The Enchantress of Numbers).

Finally tracking a lead on the Sinestrans' sponsors, the Doctor and Ann arrived on Kembel, still devastated by the Time Destructor, apart from a garden set up by a group of sponsors as a means of relaxation for significant figures. Together with the Doctor and K9, she found out the real purpose of the place, that of creating monstruos hybrid beings to use as potential weapons. (AUDIO: The False Guardian)

While the Doctor and K9 deactivated the project, she tracked down the director of the facility, Zephon, to his ship, killed him (temporarily reverting to her 'Anya Kingdom' identity in the process) and took from his computer the information she needed to find the other members of the Syndicate. (AUDIO: Time's Assassin)

Her particular status made her immune to the mist on Fever Island, avoiding to be transformed into another character of Jason Vane's fantasy. (AUDIO: Fever Island)


One by one, the Doctor and Anya tracked down the various members of the Syndicate; while the Doctor foiled their plans, Anya killed them, and covered up their murders as accidents. Ann's true identity was eventually revealed when she murdered one of them, Trantis, right in front of the Doctor. The Doctor determined that Zaal, the head of the SSS and Anya's superior, was really Earth's representative in the Syndicate, and had sent Anya to use the Doctor to eliminate his associates so that he could take power himself. The Doctor also gathered that Anya was being brainwashed, and after some effort, the Doctor was able to convince her too. He then helped her break her conditioning in time to trick Zaal into a confession, while K9 converted the signs of every psychic projector so that everyone could be released from Zaal's control. (AUDIO: The Perfect Prisoners)

Behind the scenes[]

The character of Ann/Anya was written specifically for Jane Slavin due to her extensive work on The Fourth Doctor Adventures and her close friendship with Tom Baker.[1]