Anke Von Grisel was the curator of the Verbier Museum of the Impossible.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Anke collected relics from erased timelines, which existed due to the Doctor’s actions in the Kotturuh crisis and displayed them at the Museum in her house at Verbier. She wanted them as proof after someone she loved was erased, and even hoped it might bring him back.

Multiple incarnations of the Doctor, including the Eighth, Eleventh, Twelfth and Thirteenth Doctors, called Anke to warn her about keeping the artefacts. Some of the Doctors wanted to take them away, others just asked to study them. Anke rejected them all.

One night, two masks were left on Anke's doorstep, labelled as belonging to a "long-forgotten cult", and she displayed them.

On Christmas Day, a storm hit Anke's house and the Curator called her. He confessed her exhibits only existed because of him and that he feared he'd "opened a door" for something in doing so. Anke found the two masks were now floating in the air, as if worn by invisible people. They asked her what she knew about paradoxes. (PROSE: Canaries)

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