Anjeliqua Whitefriar was an old friend of Melanie Bush. Mel remembered her as a kind, generous person; however, after her trip to Maradnias, she found Anjeliqua had become a greedy entrepreneur that had stolen Paul Kairos' technology and become rich with it. Later, she was captured by the Master, who intended to use her to test the TITAN Array in a bid to allow him access to the power of the Lux Aeterna. Since this would have killed her, Kronos allowed her to merge with the power, creating the Quantum Archangel.

She planned to create pocket universes for every living being and remove suffering from the universe at large. Unfortunately, there was not enough energy to do so. Once the Sixth Doctor managed to convince her of this, she abandoned the power she had obtained and became human again. (PROSE: The Quantum Archangel)

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