Anita was a young woman living in Seville, Spain in 1985. Her boyfriend was an Englishman named Oscar Botcherby, with whom she managed the restaurant Las Cadenas. In their off-hours, Oscar brought Anita along on his moth-hunting trips.

It was on a moth-hunting excursion that Oscar and Anita encountered the Sixth Doctor, Peri Brown, and Jamie McCrimmon as they investigated a Sontaran spacecraft. She showed the Doctor and Jamie a secret passage into the cellars of the Doña Arana's hacienda, where the Sontarans had landed and brought the Second Doctor, and parted ways with them. Anita and Oscar later encountered the Second Doctor, who had been temporarily transformed into an Androgum and Shockeye of the Quawncing Grig as patrons at Las Cadenas. The meal ended violently, with Shockeye stabbing Oscar to death over the bill. The Sixth Doctor, Peri, and Jamie arrived just as Oscar died, to Anita's horror. (TV: The Two Doctors)

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